Chicago trip
Early in the summer of 2021, the aspect team traveled to Oak Brook, IL to film the process of our LED lighting being installed into a pergola.

Ultra-thin Product Promo
Revival Nights 1
Revival Nights is an event at Pulse Ministry's where we bring young people together to share in a night of worship, teaching and testimony. This Revival Nights was published in early June of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic where gatherings were not permitted and soon after the death of Gorge Floyd.  
Revival Nights 2
Bethel University
Welcome Week
Bethel University Welcome Week students moving in new students to the university. 
Breaking Free
Breaking Free is an organization that focuses on helping women who fall victim to sex trafficking in the twin city's. This video was created to share the story of a woman who  escaped sex traffickers to spread awareness of the realities of trafficking.
Instagram Content
Up North
A travel video documenting a trip to Duluth, MN produced for Instagram. 
School Projects
Late was a short film that shows what it is like to be late for school.
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